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American Longbow Hickory Bamboo backed Primary
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American Longbow Hickory Bamboo backed Primary

American Longbow Hickory Bamboo backed Primary

 The floor tillered Stave is simply a roughed out bow that is ready for final tillering. The bends in the limbs are relativly correct with few hinges or stiff spots so you can get right to the process of fine tuning the tillering and dropping the draw weight. Most of the hard work is finished for you already

These staves are able to bend roughly 6-9 inches and need to small amounts of wood removed with a cabinet scraper or rasp to correct minor adjustments in the limbs and drop them to your desired draw weight. Simply work out the small hinges and stiff spots by scraping and rasping very small amounts of wood off of the belly side of the limbs. There will not be too many.

These bows all come with string grooves roughed in for you.

Our Price: £121.46


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